I would recommend Interact highly. They have been an integral part of our lives the past 5 years. From our child’s evaluation to wonderful in house OT and Speech therapies to pivoting to virtual therapies during Covid. Always supportive and accepting. Our journey would not have been the same without them.

Genevieve Googe

Our journey with Interact started over two years ago and since day 1, my family has been at home when we walk through the door. When we began therapies there, my toddler was receiving services and I often had my other children with me. Not only have they been very accommodating for all the crazy situations we find ourselves in with 3 kids, but they have also helped calm my daughter from melt-down mode countless times, they have given 100% to our daughter(s) every time we’re there-whether my kids are having a great day or rough day & being combative, they have walked us through diagnosis processes and they have shared our joy about even the smallest of triumphs and our sorrows when we are exhausted and confused as parents. Deanna, Emily, Mary-Kate, Liz, Janelle, Hannah, and Olivia have made a tremendous impact on the lives of our family and we are so thankful for everything they have done for us.

Brent Sams

Interact is full of some of the most passionate and knowledgeable therapists around. It is truly an amazing place to work! The front office staff works hard to support all of the needs of the clients, families and therapists alike. The co-owners show a sincere interest in their employees and the whole team works hard to facilitate a supportive atmosphere daily. Each client’s journey is individualized and made special with Interact!

Christina Whitley

The environment at Interact is a breath of fresh air! This is an amazing place to work. It is such a privilege to collaborate and work with a dynamic, compassionate group of therapists. I love working with all my sweet kids and their amazing parents. I am so glad that Interact can provide therapy services to children all throughout Greensboro.

Amy Raye

Our daughter has been a patient with Interact for close to 5 years and we have only had the best experiences! She sees Deanna for OT & Joanna and JoBeth for Speech and we LOVE them like family! They all took the time to get to know our daughter initially and really understand her needs and as she’s grown they’ve continued to pay attention to how she’s making progress, meet her where she’s at, make suggestions on how we move forward and adapt to keep seeing progress. They listen to us as parents, they take our ideas and suggestions to heart and they always make us feel comfortable asking questions. I’ve met some of the other therapists and staff at Interact and again I’ve only had the best experiences with all of them. Our daughter would not be thriving like she is (against the odds) without these incredible therapists as part of her team!!

Steph Eberenz

Deanna was a fantastic OT for my son during early intervention. She helped me to pinpoint things that his physician and I hadn’t noticed/pinpointed (ex silent reflux). I appreciated her combination of techniques for sensory integration, feeding, and caregiver education so that I could learn to take things head on as a parent.

Elizabeth Hepler

My son been here for years. They help him so much and still do. The therapist are great any of them. They gave great advice and insight to help the children grow and learn. Be here is one a the best place my son love every one here and it show he love saying hi to everyone. Thanks for all u you Interact.

Angela Ferguson

We have seen many improvements in the area of speech as we have been seeing Carey this year, for our son who has autism. The areas most noted have been: articulation and an increase in his vocabulary – he has difficulty with pronouncing “th” properly, and he puts forth a great effort with this now. He also has improved with his receptive and expressive language – he understands so much more now and is able to follow directions better and he speaks in good sentence form now. Also, his stuttering has diminished greatly and therefore his fluency has improved. Thank you, Carey!

Mom Donna Steinbach

After completing an the Therapeutic Listening Program © with Deanna over this past spring/summer, I cannot say enough about the improvements we saw in our son, who has autism and many sensory issues. We saw improvement in the following areas: improved auditory processing (his ability to follow directions and comprehend what he is reading), he has increased vocabulary and articulation as is evident in his speaking, improved motor planning and spatial skills (his handwriting has improved greatly), improved auditory and visual distractibility; therefore his performance in academics has improved, and he has better posture and overall awareness of his body. Thank you, Deanna! You have been a blessing to our family!


From one of our Moms!