We have seen many improvements in the area of speech as we have been seeing Carey this year, for our son who has autism. The areas most noted have been: articulation and an increase in his vocabulary – he has difficulty with pronouncing “th” properly, and he puts forth a great effort with this now. He also has improved with his receptive and expressive language – he understands so much more now and is able to follow directions better and he speaks in good sentence form now. Also, his stuttering has diminished greatly and therefore his fluency has improved. Thank you, Carey!

Mom Donna Steinbach

After completing an the Therapeutic Listening Program © with Deanna over this past spring/summer, I cannot say enough about the improvements we saw in our son, who has autism and many sensory issues. We saw improvement in the following areas: improved auditory processing (his ability to follow directions and comprehend what he is reading), he has increased vocabulary and articulation as is evident in his speaking, improved motor planning and spatial skills (his handwriting has improved greatly), improved auditory and visual distractibility; therefore his performance in academics has improved, and he has better posture and overall awareness of his body. Thank you, Deanna! You have been a blessing to our family!


From one of our Moms!