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Interact Pediatrics

Interact Peds offers a range of therapy services aimed at helping children overcome various developmental, speech, and feeding challenges. Our team of licensed certified therapists develop a specialized individual program tailored to meet the unique challenges and strength of each child.  We take a family-centric approach to provide education and support and help families better understand their child’s development. We track your child’s process through regular assessments and evaluates and used play-based therapy making it more enjoyable for your child.

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Interact Pediatrics Mission

Interact Peds’ mission is to empower every child to communicate, learn, and thrive. Through compassionate occupational, speech, and language therapy, we strive to unlock their unique potential, fostering confidence, independence, and lasting success. We are dedicated to creating a nurturing and supportive environment that inspires growth, enhances lives, and builds brighter futures for the children we serve.

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